Latona and the Lycian Peasants

Hans Savery d. J.
1597 Courtrai – um 1654 Utrecht
Material: Oil on wood
Dimensions: 47 x 62,5 cm.
Avaiable on showroom

Partly in the lake, partly in the forest there are people who are about to transform into frogs. What happened? The goddess Latona was exiled on an island together with her twins Apollo and Diana. Exhausted she asked the farmers who collected reeds and rushes there to be allowed to drink water from their lake. The farmers refused their request and even whirled up the bottom of the lake, making it impossible for them to drink. Latona, who can be seen here in the center of the picture with her children, is now turning the farmers into toads and henceforth forcing them to live in the lake.

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