17th Century, Still Life with Putti and Fruit

Material: Oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Price: 10 800 EUR
Dimensions: 109,5 x 157 cm
Avaiable on showroom

In the center of an interior there is a square based stone, with a figural relief, on top of which is a bulbous glass vase with a magnificent bouquet of colorful tulips. To the left of this, on a low plinth, a naked putto sits, looking at his body in a mirror lying on the floor. He is holding a large white bowl with yellow and reddish fruits in his upward arms. Two more putti stand behind him. On the right side of the picture in the brown background are two putti, holding a large bowl of citrus fruits; one of the two eating. In front of them, kneeling, is a putto playing music, next to which there is a violin on the floor on an open music book. Partly humorous painting with strong lighting and shadows, particularly emphasizing the colorful flowers and fruits.

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