Austrian painter of the 17th century, Christ Taking Leave of his Mother

Material: Oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Price: 1 800 EUR
Dimensions: 255 x 245 cm
Avaiable on showroom

The farewell of Christ from the Mother is a touching episode in the life of Jesus not narrated by the canonical Gospels but handed down by medieval treatises. The scene represents the tragic moment of the separation of Christ from Mary, who clings to the arm of Christ in the imminence of the Passion. According to tradition, shortly before Palm Sunday, Jesus would have visited his Mother in the house of Nazareth to announce his journey to Jerusalem where he would meet his death. Christ is depicted here resigned, in a meek and pained attitude. Witnesses to the scene in the background on the left are the apostles Peter, John, and James the Elder. There is an exchange of worried glances between them. On the right, under a cloudy sky, there is a glimpse of a city, most probably Jerusalem, where Christ is headed.

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