Austrian Painter of the 17th Century, Mocking of Christ

Material: OIl on canvas
Price: 1 800 EUR
Dimensions: 255 x 245 cm
Avaiable on showroom

In the centre of the painting, within an arched niche and by the light of a torch, we witness the episode of the Passion in which Roman soldiers undress Jesus, chain him, and dress him as a "king of the Jews” with a red cloak (the colour worn by emperors) and a crown of thorns intertwined on his head. One of the torturers on the right is depicted using a gesture of the hand typical of this iconography; from the Italian slang, "far le fiche". The gesture consists of putting the thumb between the index and middle fingers and its vulgar meaning indicates oppression and mockery. The artist paints in sober colours with a strong emphasis on light and dark.

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