Capriccio with Venetian Motifs

Michele Marieschi (1710 – 1744) - Attributed
Material: Oil on canvas
Price: 1 000 EUR
Dimensions: 67 × 92 cm
Avaiable on showroom

Michele Marieschi created vedutas of Venice, inner courtyards of imaginary palazzi, which are conceived as stage sets, and capricci, with a fantastic combination of motifs from Venetian architecture. Most famous are his etchings with views of Venice, especially the series Magnificentiores Selectioresque Urbis Venetiarum Prospectus (Magnificent Selected Views of the City of the Venetians), from 1741/42. Based on Venetian buildings, including the famous Campanile of San Marco, churches and tombs are grouped to form a picturesque and fantastic ensemble on the shore of the lagoon. In the background to the left are rural properties with tall towers. A few figures bring the scenery to life. The motifs and composition are typical of Michele Marieschi, but the somewhat harsh painting style differs from his own.

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