Christ Carrying the Cross

Flemish Master, 3rd quarter of the 16th century,
Vlámský mistr
Material: Oil on a wooden panel
Century: 16th
Price: 7 200 EUR
Dimensions: 71 × 95 cm
Avaiable on showroom

Christ is brought out of Jerusalem for the crucifixion and falls under the weight of the cross. Simon of Cyrene removes the cross from Christ at the behest of the Romans. Behind Jesus, his mother Mary follows with John and another woman; perhaps Maria Salome, or Maria Cleophae. Further back, Pilate (wearing a turban) and the high priest come riding out of the city gate on horseback. The city wall extends down to the right with large, round towers. A man runs ahead of the procession blowing a curved trumpet. On the right, in the background, the other convicts can be seen accompanied by Roman soldiers on their way to Golgotha, which rises at the back. The style of the painting points to the Flemish, of the third quarter of the 16th century.

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