Double Portrait

Material: Oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Price: 1 800 EUR
Dimensions: 59 × 65 cm
Avaiable on showroom

Flamish Master

This double portrait represents two half-length young women richly bejewelled. The blonde girl on the left is wearing a light blue, satin dress. She wears a gold necklace and red stone earrings. Compared to the other woman, she has an elaborate hairstyle with strings of pearls and appears to be younger. She turns her gaze back to her helpmate. The brunette girl on the right wears a very sensual, low-cut dress, which is crossed like a band by a chain of pearls and precious stones. Around her neck she wears a pearl, while on her loose hair, a beautiful diadem. The close-up composition and the indefinite background of the painting help draw our attention to the two figures at the centre of the representation.

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