Lombardian Master, Saint Ildefonso Receiving the Chasuble from the Virgin

Material: oil on canvas
Century: 17th
Price: 9 600 EUR
Dimensions: 169 x 120 cm
Avaiable on showroom

The subject treated represents the legend of Saint Ildefonso (607-667 AD), a Spanish scholar and monk. In the last decade of his life, while serving as the Bishop of Toledo, the Virgin came to him in a miraculous vision and gifted to him, in recognition of his devotion, an ornate chasuble (or vestment), to wear during Marian celebrations. The image of the kneeling Saint who receives the precious chasuble from Mary`s hands is completed by the representation of a beautiful angel on the right, helping Mary, and a putto at the bottom left holding a miter and crosier; sacred vestments of an archbishop. The present painting is characterized by the idealization of the figures, concise line, bright colors and very refined and precise brushstrokes.

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