The Creation of Man by Prometheus

Johann Evangelist Holzer (1709–1740) – attributed to
Material: Oil on canvas
Price: 6 000 EUR
Dimensions: 88 × 69 cm
Avaiable on showroom

The Augsburg painter was a pupil of Johann Georg Bergmüller. It is characterised by its masterful control of light, shadow and colour. The unusual scene shines with its virtuosic colour and lighting design. Prometheus, with a compass in his hand, kneels before the figure he modelled, and points with his right hand at a sheet of paper on which something has been drawn. A rod supports the figure`s raised arm. Next to Prometheus, there is an armillary sphere on the floor. Minerva assists him with advice in the creation of man. A celestial light bursts from the top left and brings people the spark of life. In the dark foreground lie the dead animals that Prometheus used to create man. The lion and the rabbit clearly represent the two essential qualities of human character: Courage and cowardice.

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