The Rescue of Andromeda from the Sea Monster

Hendrick van Balen the Elder (1575 Antwerp – 1632)
Material: Oil on wood
Price: 13 200 EUR
Dimensions: 66 x 52 cm
Avaiable on showroom

According to Greek mythology, to punish the arrogance of Cassiopeia, her daughter Andromeda was chained to a rock by the sea on the instructions of Poseidon, to be sacrificed to the sea monster. You can see the beautiful, almost naked Andromeda with long blond hair and a red, shiny, wrinkled wrap over her left shoulder. She stands in front of a large brown piece of rock. On her right side is the seawater with the sea monster swimming in it. It has its mouth wide open, exposing sharp teeth and a red oral cavity. Andromeda`s gaze is directed up to the sky, in which her savior Perseus can be seen carrying a shield and a sword. He is equipped with flying sandals with small wings, which can be clearly seen on his feet. He succeeds in defeating the sea monster and freeing Andromeda, whom he then takes as his wife. A popular theme of the time, in which the beautiful young Andromeda is the center of attention, with a high-quality reproduction of the shiny red fabric surrounding her.

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