Adoration of the Magi

Orazio Samacchini
1532 Bologna - 1577 Ebenda
Material: Oil on canvas
Century: 16th
Origin: Italy
Dimensions: 126 x 89 cm
Avaiable on showroom

In this large-format painting, the figures appear to be tightly composed to fill the space. The intention is to consciously involve the viewer in the vicinity of what is happening. We find this style feature in almost all of the artist´s other works, it also corresponds to late Renaissance painting and was still cultivated in the Baroque period. The group of figures of the Holy Family, with Mary and the baby Jesus, is placed in the left half of the picture at the edge of the picture, to the left Joseph, almost shaded. The actual center of the picture, however, dominates the figure of the king, emphasized in large size, in adoration of the child. This striking highlighting gives the image a deliberate emphasis as the subject of the adoration of the kings. So the altarpiece was probably also intended for the corresponding festival. According to the apocrypha, the elderly king is Melchior, who keeps his hands clasped here, while a servant holds a treasure chest to the right behind him. The dark-skinned king in the upper right corner of the picture is sometimes interpreted as the youth Caspar, to the left Balthasar, whereby the assignments of the figures vary in pictorial art. Two Roman-armed youths with a lance fill the picture space to the right-hand Balthasar between the main characters. The stylistic feature of the artist is the grace especially of Maria or the younger figures in the picture.

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