Annunciation to Mary

Onofrio Palumbo
1606 - 1656
Material: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 116.8 × 170.5 cm
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Detail of a half-portrait of Mary in a red robe, blue cloak and a thin veil over her head, standing in front of a prayer bench with an open book. To the left behind it is a pedestal with a column, which is covered with a wrinkled dark green curtain with a gold tassel. Mary turns to Gabriel, who approaches the Virgin with a lily in his hand. God`s dove, symbolizing the Holy Spirit, hovers over both on a background illuminated by bright yellow light. Representation of a motif popular in painting, in a decent coloring. The bottom edge could be cropped because Mary and the angel are usually shown at full height.
Onofrio Palumbo worked in Naples and is considered a follower of the Caravaggist trend. A similar composition by Onofria Palumba from 1641 is in Santa Maria della Salute, Naples.

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