Christ in Distress

Domenico Tintoretto
Material: Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 97 x 75 cm
Avaiable on showroom

Domenico Tintorretto was the eldest son of the great Jacopo Tintorretto (1518 / 19–1594) and after his death took over his father`s workshop, in which he had worked for fourteen years and which he had ultimately supervised. The subject of the picture Christ in distress is derived from the moment shortly before the crucifixion of Jesus on Golgotha. Jesus is sitting on a stone, wearing only a loincloth, awaiting his execution and has put his head in his propped up hand, an old symbol of sadness and melancholy. The artist interpreted the traditional iconography with great empathy and especially the facial expression with half-open mouth, questioning, exhausted eyes is of great intensity and expressiveness. Removed from the narrative context and with this focus on the suffering expression of Jesus, the painting certainly served as a devotional picture.

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