Virgin Mary in Glory With Child

Hendrick van Balen and Jan Brueghel I.
1575 - 1632
Material: Oil on copper
Price: 15 000 EUR
Era: Late 1620
Origin: Netherlands
Dimensions: 22 x 17 cm
Avaiable on showroom

Balen was specialised in small cabinet paintings with mythological and allegorical subjects, and to a lesser extent religious themes. He played an important role in the restoration of Flemish painting in the early 17th century and was one of the teachers of Anthony van Dyck. He worked quite often with Jan Brueghel the Elder. The dating of the work can be derived from the voluptuous figures of the Virgin Mary and the cupids, which probably reflects the influence of Rubens. In the center the monumental Madonna is executed with a humble facial expression, dressed in a red robe and a blue cloak. The infant Jesus, sitting on her lap, accepts flowers from the angel on the left side of the painting.

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