Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

Gillis van Valckenborch
1570 Antwerpen - 1622 Frankfurt
Material: Oil (grisaille) on canvas
Price: 12 000 EUR
Era: 1600
Origin: Flemish
Dimensions: 60 x 102,5 cm
Avaiable on showroom

In this banquet of the gods, Neptune and a youthful Bacchus can be identified in the left foreground; to their right appears the goat-legged Pan, followed by Mercury on the far right. Further deities include Vulcan and Venus seated at the table, the winged Cupid in the company of Mars, Vesta , Jupiter, Juno, Saturn , the helmeted Minerva, and other gods that cannot be identified with certainty . What is crucial for identifying the present wedding scene is that Peleus and Thetis are in the presence of Eris, the goddess of discord; her appearance in this wedding is essential, for Eris was the only one who had not been invited to the banquet. Insulted, she sought to ignite a fight among the divine guests. Eventually she would toss a golden apple inscribed ‘To the fairest one’ into the party.”

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